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Why Waffles Can't Dance

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

You may not find out how cooked waffle batter or any other breakfast food can bust a dance

move but you will read how my first children's book, "Waffles Can't Dance" was created. "Waffles Can't Dance is a children's book about a waffle that has been invited to his friend, Blueberry's birthday party. Waffle is both excited and devastated about going to the party because he doesn't think he can dance. He visits all of his friends with the hopes of learning to dance like them but he finds their methods won't work for him. Waffle will soon find a solution to his problem with a bit of fun and courage.

How did I come up with the story Waffles Can't Dance?

Honestly I was working on a completely different children's book when the idea came to me. My daughter and I were eating....(you guessed it)...BREAKFAST! My daughter loves the Eggo waffles. She is twelve years old and I love that she often cooks her own breakfast. [insert sly grin] Fist pump to the moms of older children. I took one look at her waffle and the idea popped into my head. I played with the idea of a waffle and the many scenarios it could be in until that little waffle danced right into my heart. Then after a few rough drafts and some very bad illustrations, "Waffles Can't Dance" was born. I must apologize to everyone that was looking forward to an inspirational story about how waffles have a special impact on my life because my mother made them for breakfast every morning...Blah! Yep, I was just eating breakfast.


Amongst the, ever so cute characters, there is a message within the pages of "Waffles Can't Dance". The goal is to promote individuality to young readers. Waffle feels like he can't dance only because he tries to be like everyone else but himself.


It is not until the end that Waffle finds that being himself is much cooler than dancing like everyone else. The best part is that when Waffle finds his dance moves, it is a dance that only Waffle can achieve. Moral of the story is that no one can be a better YOU than YOU. In a world of likes and trends it is more important than ever to be excited about being an individual.

What is my Inspiration?

I am a mother of a twelve year old and an auntie of five; ages six, two, ten months, eight months and one in the oven. I just love their little faces! (if you have baby cheeks near you just give them a light pinch) Every book that I publish I do with them in mind. Those babies are my readers, my critics and my inspiration. Children are a common reason that people should want to shift

mountains so that they can have a clearer path to success. My six year old niece gave "Waffles Can't Dance" raving reviews! And by the way, she is a creditable source because that little girl holds back nothing.

Waffles Can't Dance will be available for purchase April 18th on and

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