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What's In a Blog?


What does someone actually write in a blog? A better question would be what is expected in an author's blog? (Runs to Google) Per when you search "what to blog about as an author", here are some of the results:

10 things to blog about, before you start or while you're writing your book:

  • Behind-the-scenes. ...

  • Excerpts. ...

  • Character sketches. ...

  • Reviews and Opinion pieces. ...

  • Personal pieces. ...

  • Curated links. ...

  • Book cover inspiration. ...

  • Interviews.

Most of those suggestions will definitely not be found on this particular blog. But you can expect to find the following topics:

  • Music

  • Movies

  • Parenting

  • Inspirational Thoughts

  • Books

  • Recipes

  • Whatever My Readers Suggest

There is so much to share and I am excited that you have decided to visit my blog "The Window".


Perception is Just the Beginning

The glass half full, half empty concept is always a typical example of perception. My idea of perception is based upon how something makes someone feel.

An example is when you see rain you may feel despair and discomfort. For me,

rain inspires the feeling of peace and growth. I can only hope that even if you may not agree with my perception on particular subjects that there can at least be an understanding of each other's ideas and dialogue. By all means, comment your opinions. Tell me if something made you angry or prompted you to try something you never had before. I'm anxious to get to know you.


The Window

I imagine my readers with their hands cupped on the windows on the outside of a house peeping inside with curious eyes. So I promise to keep the Windex near so you can always see clearly into my thoughts and concepts. Every now and again pull the window up to tell me your thoughts on something you've read. Share your ratings on a movie. In conclusion, I would like to say, "Welcome neighbor."

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