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Hi Neighbor!

Welcome! Do you know what inspires you? What causes your dreams to hi-five your drive? For me, it's my family. They all deserve to tell their story.


Qwen the Author is my very own window into my dreams, my accomplishments, and my failures. I hope you find joy and ease in knowing that our journeys may not be that different. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover your very own window and you'll continue to pop in and say hi! Read on and enjoy!

About the author

Qwen Lewis was born in 1985 in Sumter, SC. Her given name is Qwentilia.  She attended Francis Marion University where she majored in Elementary Education. She has one daughter, three nieces, and 2 nephews. All of whom are the inspiration of her children's books. Seeing their faces light up when they hear their names in a book is all the motivation She needs to keep writing. Qwen has written Waffles Can't Dance and has an upcoming project called The Snaggle Tooth Royalty Club. 

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